doesn't deserve oatmeal :( (christhegeek) wrote in chickswithclix,
doesn't deserve oatmeal :(

Last Night's Tournament

So the dratf indyclix tournament was certainly interesting. Between Blix, Trin and I we got two uniques, which is frankly better than nothing, and there were definitely some sweet figures. I still maintain that I am not terribly fond of Indyclix. I DO like the INDY rules, and I'm glad incorperating them went so smoothely a few months ago. Still...

I feel as if in an indy tournament, everyone is really just using different mutations of the same strategy. At one point Trin and I were just mjoving our stealth around the board, en masse, waiting for one another to mess up. Boring, tedious, and eventually unfruitful, as one of us HAD to charged into the frey. I think we had already wasted twenty minutes of our round before someone attacked. WTF?

Anyway, overall it was fun. Everyone was in high spirits and I'm fairly sure no one had a no-win night. I did a bad bad thing, ruining Blix's winning streak and utterly creaming him. Someone's going to have to spank me.

Please, Mistah J?
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