The sea and the rythm (beerie) wrote in chickswithclix,
The sea and the rythm


Hello, I'm Emily, from Ky & I have been playing heroclix for a while now, thanks to my boyfriend and his friends. My favorite click is Silver Surfer, (Cosmic powers = no pushing damage= yessss!) I just got two bricks for Christmas, I pulled some great uniques- thanos, korvac, karnak, binary, 2 gravitrons, jack of hearts, red ghost, and best of all.... zombie wolverine! I just thought I would introduce myself, I am the only girl that plays in our group, there were a few @ the last new guy night when our venue was still open but now that it closed we all split off into groups @ peoples homes, so I am alone again! Good to know there are other girl gamers out there!
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