doesn't deserve oatmeal :( (christhegeek) wrote in chickswithclix,
doesn't deserve oatmeal :(

Tonight's tournament

Sucked. I mean really. I did NOT have a good time. This was quite possibly because I was having sex instead of sleeping until 2am last night and munchie gets up at 6, so I was a complete wreck by this evening.

We were doing a swap tournament, as I mentioned earlier, where you have to play your opponent's team, goal being to bring the worst team possible. Some people were able to have a lot of fun with this,(At least Trinny had a great time) but to me it just felt like walking backwards through a subway terminal.

Oh, and any carnation of Brother Blood = worthless. WORTHLESS. God, how did this character make it through player testing?

/loathe /whine /sleep
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