Lieran (lieran) wrote in chickswithclix,

heh :)

Just added this community, so I thought I'd say hey and introduce meself.

I started collecting Marvel Heroclix because I really like female action figures and some of the little clix were cute. At this point, I have a lot of them with a few uniques (Phoenix - Jean, a Spidey, Hulk, and the new Ultimate Phoenix). I also cheated and won Mr. Sinister and Goblin Queen off ebay. So... the guy at my store suggested that maybe I play with the regular group, so I brought all my figures with me and took them out of the lunchbox I hold them in and I think one of the guys almost shit himself when he saw my Phoenix pair.

Too bad I don't know how to use any of em, but I expect I will sooner or later.
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