Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar (mercae_killar) wrote in chickswithclix,
Stacy Parker aka Mercae Killar

new member and an intro

Hi im stacy. I live in charleston WV. Ive been a long time comic fan but didnt get into heroclix till just a month or so ago.
My husband got me into it.
since im a big fan of gambit he gave me his vetran version he won in a tournament. I bought a couple boosters and now have been buying them on ebay.
My main goal is to get all the x-men i can. Im dissapointed Rogue has been banned from tournaments(even though i dont have her yet), but was happy to find out storm is atleast still legal i have an experienced of her.
Im preparing a 500pt team to battle for a dark phoenix. its going to be a week long tournament, $20 entry fee, but it would be so nice to win her.
anyway wanted to say hi to everyone, and its nice to see fellow chicks in the game :)
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